Replay Day 1

Replay Day 2


April 20th & 21st

1:11 PM to 3:33 PM

Online VIA Zoom & In-Person

@ VisArt, 3102 Eastway Drive in Charlotte

Replays Available for a Week

Try to make it to Day 2 where my Higher Self takes you on a Channeled Spirit Journey to Remove your blocks so you can tap into your guides, higher self, and angels.

🍭Your Intuition is Soul speaking to you. She's telling you what decisions and changes to make to live your best and most fulfilled life. She containes the BLUEPRINT of choices that will lead to your perfect partner, your perfect job, your perfect house, your perfect purpose. She is CLARITY.

Are you listening? Or is anxiety, overthinking, and perfectionism getting in the way? In this workshop I will help you break through the clutter and help you access your intuition!

What to expect:

➡️On Day 1, (TEACHING DAY) I will teach you how to tell the difference between intuition and brain.

➡️On Day 2, (PRACTICE DAY) we will play with Oracle Cards, Telepathy, Automatic Writing (i.e. Channeling), and Somatic Exercises to unlock your inner guiding voice.

At the end of Day 2, I will channel my Higher Self and guide you on a Channeled Spirit Journey to remove your blocks and get you in touch with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and Angels.

This amazing Channeled Spirit Journey will be accompanied by a live Sound Bath performed by Beth Slater.

The Workshop will be recorded and the Replay Portal AVAILABLE to EVERYONE for 1 Week.

You will also receive a workbook with oracle card printouts, telepathy card printouts, and all the other exercises in an electronic format. When you come to the In-Person workshop in Charlotte, there will be original decks to play with.

Can't make it in-person to both days? No problem.

Come only to Day 2 (21st of April) where we do a lot of the practicing and playing and you get the Channeled Spirit Journey and Sound Bath. And Join on Zoom or watch the Replay for Day 1.

If you have questions, please email me at

Please choose one Participation Option when you pay.

(Online Participants cannot come to the In-Person Event as there is limited space.

In-Person Participants CAN join Via Zoom on either day.)

There are 5 Spots Available To Participate In-Person

There are 3 Spots Available To Participate Online

TUNE IN: To Your Intuition
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The Legal Stuff that I have to Include:

Jess Taylor is not a licensed mental health professional. By registering for the course, workshop, challenge, or therapy program you agree to assume full responsibility for your mental health and seek professional mental health care if needed or suggested by Jess Taylor. You further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Jess Taylor and Soul Healing with Jess, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives and/or agents from any claim, liability, loss, cost, damage, judgment, settlement or expense (including attorney's fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of injury (including death or suicide) to any person or damage to property arising in any way out of any act, error, omission or negligence on the part of Jess Taylor and/or Soul Healing with Jess in the performance or failure to fulfill the above services or obligations.


Your Coach

Jess Taylor

Masters in Psychology

Intuitive Therapist

Manifestation Coach

Jess Taylor has developed multiple therapy programs based on neuroscientific principles to permanently rewrite self-limiting beliefs, heal manifestation blocking memories and traumas, and create magnetic energetics in a person's energy field.

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